TLS-XB Expansion Box


The TLS-XB Expansion Box is the ideal solution for large fueling sites that manage large volumes of information.

Combine up to three TLS-XB expansion boxes with your TLS-450Plus to provide a flexible system solution that grows with your fuel site. Expands your total inputs to 256.

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with existing TLS-450 series Interface Modules
  • Four slots per TLS-XB
  • Daisy chain up to three TLS-XB expansion boxes per console
  • Up to 99 sensors of any one type
  • Up to 32 probes
  • Up to 256 total devices
  • Provides additional Input and Output relay capabilities
  • Various cable lengths for maximum flexibility  

Temperature Rating:

Storage: -40 degrees C to + 75 degrees C / -40 degrees F to +158 degrees F)
Operating: 0 degrees C to +40 degrees C / -32 degrees F to +109 degrees F)
Cable length: 3ft., 6ft., 10ft., 15ft., 25ft. (See Documents for details)
Dimensions: 11 in. H x 8 in. W x 5 in. D

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