Industrial Solutions

Fleet vehicle administration is an essential part in your business´s development.

Find in Gilbarco Veeder-Root the best solutions to control, distribute and manage fuel for your fleet vehicles, avoiding possible losses and downtime that may result in unexpected costs for your business.

  • Fuel Dispensers

  • Prime LHI

    Prime LHI

    Its high performance, durability and advanced technology are key features that make the difference in your fuelling solutions


  • Performer


    Find the reliable Gilbarco Veeder-Root technology for your dispensing needs at an economical price


  • Legacy


    Find reliable transactions, lower costs and higher margin profits for your fueling needs.


  • Atlas 9100

    Atlas 9100

    High flow Mechanical fuel Pumps specially designed for fleet applications


  • Atlas 9800

    Atlas 9800

    Electronic Fleet Fuelling Pumps specially made for efficient dispensing.


  • ATG - Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

  • TLS 4

    TLS 4

    Efficient inventory management console that allows fast and real-time fuel control for small forecourts


  • TLS 450 Plus

    TLS 450 Plus

    The most advanced and complete ATG Console in the market, allowing multiple custom options for your site´s needs.

  • TLS RF Wireless

    TLS RF

    The wireless communication solution for probes, sensors and ATGs, for both underground and aboveground tanks.


  • Probes


    Privide highly accurate tank level information for above and underground storage.


  • Sensors


    Wide variety of fuel level gauges, tank level sensors, and configurations control underground and above ground storage tanks


  • Sondas MAG-XL for Tall Tanks

    TLS MAG-FLEX Probe

    Probes specifically designed for monitoring aboveground storage tanks.


  • Red Jacket Submersible Systems

  • Red Jacket 4"

    Red Jacket 4"

    The most efficient and reliable way to pump fuel to your forecourt


  • LPG Premier Range

    LPG Premier Range

    The submersible pump/motor unit, designed to pump Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)


  • Red Jacket Maxxum 6"

    Red Jacket Maxxum 6"

    The Submersible Turbine Pump designed to provide the highest flow rates to your forecourt


  • Red Jacket IQ Box

    Red Jacket IQ Box

    The submersible turbine pump interface made to improve the longevity and guarantee the safety of your submersible pump motor


  • Forecourt Automation

  • eFleet (Client - Server)

    eFleet (Client - Server)

    The fleet vehicle fuel controller, made to provide you with specific consumption information.


  • TopKat Plus

    TopKat Plus

    The simplest Fleet and Fuel Management System in the market


  • Service & Accessories

  • Helpdesk


    Personal Regional Support 24hs/365 days a year for your equipment´s needs


  • Field Support

    Field Support

    Specialized technicians for on-site preventive and corrective attention


  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Customized attention for your project administration from market experts


  • FMS


    The modular ATG service adapts to your business´s needs.


  • Others


    The Atena fuel pump is specially designed for industry, transport, garages and other establishments that require reliable fueling points. It´s specially suitable for areas where feeding conditions are poor and are climate conditions are hostile.
    This supply pump is available with nominal flow rate of 50, 75, 90 or 150 lpm (liters per minute), with high performance and durability.

  • EMR3


    The EMR3 is Veeder-Root’s Electronic Meter Register. Designed to offer a best in class end-user experience. Customisable and affordably configured to fit a wide variety of mobile and fixed base applications.

  • Fuel Truck Controller

    Fuel Truck Controller

    Fuel Truck Controller is a mobile fueling system that takes your fuel management system wherever it needs to go — to heavy or stationary equipment — via tanker truck.

  • Islander Plus

    Islander Plus

    Islander™ PLUS fleet fuel management system combines the functionality of the advanced web-based site fuel controller CFN PLUS and the sophisticated island fleet card reader ICR PLUS in a single package hardened for the fuel island.